The Profound Parental Love musical performance


Dear Tzu Ching friends,

Have you ever wondered who gave us life? Who incessantly taught us about life? Who was there when you rode your first bicycle? Who guarded piously by your bed when that stubborn fever refused to subside?   The answer?

Our parents.

The most selfless love in the world comes from our parents, who sacrificed themselves to bring us up. As children, it is our duty to appreciate our parents and repay the love. Yet, most of us have forgotten about our parents amidst our busy schedules and how small efforts like a phone call or a visit can bring happiness to them.

Master Cheng Yen said that there are two things in this world that cannot wait——doing good and being filial. The best way to repay our parents is to maximise our potential and contribute to the society. In light of this, Singapore Tzu Ching will hold “The Profound Parental Love” Musical Performance September this year. We sincerely invite you, your family and friends to be part of this. We will delve into the unconditional love of parents through study groups, and put up sign language and stage performances to remind, both the participants and audiences alike, to be grateful and filial before it is too late.

Jing Si Aphorism: Recognize, appreciate and repay your parents’ love.