Why be a vegetarian?

Why be a vegetarian?

 The gratitude section of <<Filial Piety Scripture>> mentions: “The Buddha told the disciples, “If you wish to repay your parents’ kindness, write out this sutra on their behalf. Recite this sutra on their behalf. Repent your transgressions and offenses on their behalf. For the sake of your parents, make offerings to the Three Jewels. For the sake of your parents, observe the precepts and fast. For the sake of your parents, practice giving and cultivate good deeds. If you are able to do these things, you will be known as filial children. If you do not do these things, you are people destined for the hells.”. Thus, being a vegetarian is one of the ways to repay the filial piety. It purifies our bodies and minds. By practicing vegetarianism, we not only grow compassion but also reduce our desires, leading to being environmental friendly from within our mind and soul.


Tips for a healthy vegetarian diet

1) Diversification of food intake helps us to keep the nutrient balance and body healthy.

Nutrients Sources
Protein Beans, soy foods, whole grains, broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, dairy products* Eating different types of fruits, vegetables and beans to meet the need of body for a variety of essential amino acids
Calcium Curd / tofu, beans, black sesame, milk, kale, cabbage
Vitamin D Exposure to direct sunlight for 15 minutes a day, sun dried mushrooms and edible fungi, foods fortified with vitamin D
Iron Beans (eg. soybeans, red beans), spinach, tofu, cabbage, raisins and etc
Vitamin B12 Milk, yogurt, nutritional yeast and other foods fortified with vitamin B12, eggs, nutritional supplements
Omega 3 Flaxseed oil, walnuts, seaweed (eg. nori, seaweed), broccoli
Starch Rice, brown rice, root vegetables (eg. potatoes, sweet potatoes)

2) Avoid processed and fried food

3) Drink more water, exercise regularly, proper schedule of work and rest makes you in very good health.


In addition to the bodily actions of being a vegetarian disciple, we also have to develop the “heart of a vegetarian”.  Taking good care of our body and mind is a true way to repay our parental love. =)