Prelude – Karmic Relationships


We are all aware that we are related to our parents by blood. It is natural to show filial piety to our parents just like how our parents love us. However, because there is love, there will be expectations, and this will evolve into a type of obsession and vexation.

Dharma says that our relationship with parents is karmic. Our parents are not just the ones we have now — all beings in any form could have been our parents in the many lifetimes before this. When we understand this concept of the karma, we then will be able to treasure every opportunity to perform both our roles as children and as members of the society with joyful acceptance, even if the karmic relationships with our many parents are less than satisfactory.

<< The Lighthouse >>

In The Lighthouse, the father showered much love, care and concern to his son, at every stage of his life.

In his childhood, the child took a small boat and explored the surrounding waters of the lighthouse he and his father lived in, and at the end of the day, the child returned to his father’s warm embrace, basking in the happiness of a family reunion. Back in their home, the wonderful pieces of piano music that the father played accompanied the child as he grew older.

As time passed by, the child grew up and so did his ambitions. The boat he sailed in increased in size each passing year, and gradually became a ship that took the child to a faraway land for his studies and career. Yet big as the boat can be, the child was always the small little boy in the father’s eyes.

Even when the father was old.

Even when he had no more strength to walk.

Even when he could only lie in his bed, pining for his child to return.

And the letterbox overflowed with letters from his child, letters he could not collect by himself anymore.

Letters the child would see, for the last time, as his father laid in bed, smiling at his return. Together they played a familiar piece, a piece the child grew up with, a piece the father would pass away with.

Life is a cycle – when the father left the world, the child’s baby is born. From generation to generation, parental love never fails to light up the world.