Ten Acts of Kindness

1 . First, the kindness of protecting the child in the womb
– The body weight is heavy as a mountains, clothes cannot be wore

2. Second, the kindness of enduring the pain of delivery
– Body: it’s like having serious illness and being drowsy every single day
– Heart: panic, worry, sadness, fear

3. Third, the kindness of forgetting her own suffering
– the happiness doubled when the delivered child is healthy and strong

4. Fourth, the kindness of enduring suffering and giving selflessly
– Working hard for their children, giving all the good and delicious food for the children , but leaving the bitter to ownself

5 . Fifth, the kindness of saving the best for the child
– in order to let the child sleep, the mother rather to be sleeping in the damp and cold place,
– The mother would rather the be child be safe and stable than the safety of her ownself

6 . Sixth, the kindness of nurturing and raising the child
– To feed the child with own breast milk, the mother the child be fat and herself being thin,
– neither hate nor angry, even if its making the hand and foot crooked

7 Seventh, the kindness of cleansing the unclean
– In order to let the child be clean, the mother neither mind her own hand being dirty nor afraid the flesh being cracked by coldness
– for the sake of her children, loving mother rather to change her facial feature

8 Eighth, the kindness of longing for the faraway child
– When the Child have to travel, the tears of the Mother missing the child

9 Ninth, the kindness of great care and understanding
– Willing to suffer on behalf of children, unlimited compassionate love and sympathy

10. Tenth, the kindness of lifelong compassion
– Love children and caring, endless Motherly Love
– Even when the Mother is one hundred years old will still always worrying about her eighty years old child.